Frequently Asked Questions
How do I earn in Magnetclix?

We've wanted to put all the good stuff from others Legit PTC sites in one! So this is how you can earn on Magnetclix.

As our member you can earn:
-By clicking/viewing Advertisers' Ads
-Play MayaGrid, Flip the coin
-Click additionnal ads in Offers4all, Myadswall
-Getting paid to sign up for promoters required sites
-Renting Referrals - We use activity filter that distributes only referrals that had clicked at least 8 ads in the last 72 hours
-Promoting our site, getting Direct Referrals, earnings per referral's click goes up to 0.015

Can I change my username?

-No, in your account settings there are set of things you can change.

Can I transfer the money out of the Purchase balance?

-No, you cannot. All balances have their own purpose.
For example, the purchase balance is used to pay the costs of managing referrals (renting, extending, recycling, AutoPay, etc) and it cannot be cashed out.

How do I enable / disable AutoPay?

-After you've logged in, on the left menu, click on "Rented referrals" This will take you to your rented referral's list.
All you have to do now is click "Enabled" or "Disabled" option next to AutoPay (shown on the top of the listing) to toggle its status.

I'm not getting credited for my referral's click. Why is that?

-You need to click at least 4 advertisements every day in order to receive referral earnings the next day. 

How do I receive commissions from my direct referrals' purchases?

-You'll receive a % commission from your direct referrals' purchases! You can find % of commissions for each membership on the upgrade page! 

One or more direct referrals have disappeared.

-Whenever a user has his/her account permanently suspended and that user is someone's direct referral, it is removed from the referrer.
This is done to avoid clutter as a permanently suspended account cannot be restored.

How do I recycle referrals?

-To recycle a single referral, after you log in, on the left menu, click on "Rented referrals", then tick that referral checkbox at the end of referral's row.

Click it and choose “I want to recycle them option ". Do the same to recycle a group of referrals, by ticking every checkbox of the referral you want to recycle. Using this method, you can pay with your purchase balance.

How do I recycle referrals?

-To recycle a single referral, after you log in, on the left menu, click on "Rented referrals", then tick that referral checkbox at the end of referral's row.

Click it and choose “I want to recycle them option ". Do the same to recycle a group of referrals, by ticking every checkbox of the referral you want to recycle. Using this method, you can pay with your purchase balance

What does recycle do?

-Recycling is a term we use to exchange a rented referral.
There are times when certain referrals don't live up to your expectations.
In this case, you can recycle them for only $0.07 each (it's lower for the higher memberships)!
We also provide automatic (and free) replacements for referrals who don't click for 14 days straight (less in certain Bee Upgrades). This option is enabled automatically for all members!
Keep in mind that 14 days without clicking makes a referral costly (since you've paid him/her for a month) and recycling him/her is more profitable.

For how long do I rent referrals?

-You always rent referrals for 30 days. You can always extend them for periods in 30 days blocks or daily using AutoPay.

How to rent referrals?

-If you don't have available funds in your purchase balance, click the "Purchase Balance" link in your account summary page and you'll find options on how to add funds to it.
If you need to know how much you'll need, just follow the next step :
click on "Rent Referrals" button in your account. You'll be presented with the available packs to rent.
Just hover your mouse cursor over the available packs to know its value, and then just click on the one you want to rent.

How do I extend referrals?

Go to your rented referrals list, select the referrals you want to extend, choose from the drop-down menu for how long you want to extend and click on "do it".

Why is it hard to rent?

-Rhodium  upgraded members or above have much more demand in renting referrals compared to Standard and Iridium members because almost all of them can afford to rent.
As the demand rises, the distributed referrals for a particular time are easily sold

My rented referrals are gone.

-Rented referrals have a due date that must be met so that they continue to be yours.
Even using AutoPay, you need to be aware that if their due date falls behind the 20 days, AutoPay won't be triggered for that referrals thus not adding another day.
If referral of yours expire fee ( 0.05$ or higher for certain memberships) will be deducted from your balance
In any case, you need to extend their rental before it ends.

When is the referral clicks credited to my account?

-Instantly when your referral clicks the ads.

Where is my referral link?

-Go to your account.
Click on "Banners" on the left menu.
Right-click the link you need and copy it.
You can choose any of the banners on that page.

My advertisement is not displayed yet.

-There are a few steps that must be made before an advertisement is actually displayed:
Submit the advertisement for review. If accepted, the process continues. 
Otherwise, you'll have to add a new one or edit the current one.
Distribute the clicks you bought to that advertisement.

Another user with my IP address has already seen the advertisement in the last 24 hours.

-We only allow advertisements to be credited once using the same IP address in 24 hours.
Dynamic IP addresses are delivered randomly based on a geographical location.
This means that the IP you have today may have been someone else's IP yesterday or a few hours ago.
Some other probable causes may be:
*Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give the same IP address to more than one user usually by using a proxy.
*You're using a shared network environment (such as a school, an office, a cybercafé or even a building's network) where all computers share the same internet IP address.
*You have an unsecured wireless network and someone near you may be using your internet access without your consent.

What is the click reset time?

-You can only be credited by the same advertisement once every 24 hours.
This means that after that time, another period of 24 hours will count so that you can be credited with viewing the advertisements.

I've cashed out and haven't received it.

*Accept the payment: Sometimes users have to accept payments before they actually get them credited to their accounts.
Just follow the instructions on the email you received from your payment processor or the instructions in your account's movements.
*Verify the email address: Even though you have to confirm your email address when cashing out, there are times that a "whatever" button would work better than a "yes" one. If you have cashed out to the wrong email address, we have two options. First, if that email address is really yours, you can add it to your payment processor's main account and you'll receive the associated payment.The second option is for you to contact us using a support ticket so that we can try to cancel the transfer but it's not always possible.

What is the minimum value to cashout?

-The minimum amount paid is $5.00 on the first cashout.
This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $15.00.
After that, the minimum amount will always be $20.00. This applies to standard, iridium and palladium members. 

For scandium members or above it goes like this: $ 3.00, $ 6.00, $10.00, which means the minimum about to be paid in scandium or above is $3!

I've made a purchase but my account wasn't credited

-Don't worry. Sometimes it may happen that we don't receive payment confirmations from the payment processors or they can delay their delivery.
Either way, you can always contact us using a support ticket and we'll take a look at it.

How often do I need to log in to prevent account termination?

-Members must log in at least once every 45 days in order to stay active. Inactive members could have their accounts suspended and forfeit any account balance, memberships, points, referrals and advertising credit

How much time I need to wait for payment?

-All payments are sent at least 48 hours after that are requested. Sometimes may happen to take up to 3 or 4 days if some verifications are needed.

My requested payment had been returned back in account balance.

-This might happen for a few reasons :

*You had provided us with wrong payment account id/email

*You haven't posted a payment proof in our forum from your previous payment

Can I change my sponsor?

-No, you can't

What are Points? How can I earn points? How can I use the points?

-You will receive a certain amount of points for each action you do at our website. 


Direct referral...................... 5 points

$1 deposited.........................5 points

PTC click ..............................1 point

Forum post...........................1 point

Offers4all, Myadswall clik.....1 point

Conversion rate to

purchase balance..................5000 points = $1



What's the price of renting referrals and extending them daily using Autopay?


Referrals    Monthly AutoPay
0 -> 250 $0.20 per referral $0.0057 for one referral per day


$0.21 per referral $0.0060 for one referral per day
501->750 $0.22 per referral $0.0062 for one referral per day
751->1000 $0.23 per referral $0.0065 for one referral per day
1001->1250 $0.24 per referral $0.0068 for one referral per day
1251->1500 $0.25 per referral $0.0071 for one referral per day
1501->1750 $0.26 per referral $0.0074 for one referral per day
1750+ $0.27 per referral $0.0077 for one referral per day

 By using Autopay option you get prices with 15% discount.

Example: $0.0056 for one referral per day X 30 days = $ 0.168, which is $0.032 lower than the original $0.2 price.

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